ION REACTORS Eliminate EPA fines and costly disposal fees. No post-treatment expense requirements.

Save money by reducing the size and complexity of standard ionization processes. Cheaper oxidation than either ozone or chlorine with no downstream residual.

Reactive material leaves no residue in the effluent stream. 

Drastically reduce capital expenditures and reliance on large reactor devices.

An advanced oxidation process using ionized gas to destroy BOD and COD.

The formation of Ions and the application of PlasmaE's system of ion formation and application are designed for the processing of waste to occur quickly.

The PlasmaE ionization system has shown to yield improvements of at least two orders of magnitude over that which ozone can produce.

Destroying BOD / COD ensure compliant effluent for companies...but more importantly a cleaner environment and world. 

Mitigate non-compliant waste streams economically. 

Effluent Streams
Wastewater Treatment 

Product options include systems for production of negative ions, positive ions, or both positive and negative ions in the same device.

A combination Ionizer /Aerator system is available to completely eradicate bacteria.

Durable, self-cleaning products that are operational for 365 days without service.



AERATORS Reduce energy costs.

Developed a device that enables an activated sludge plant to reduce their total aeration costs by an estimated 50% - 80%.  

Designed to minimize the formation of high surface tension elements bubbles and droplets.

Aeration that provides enough oxygen for desired bacteria to grow rapidly.

Take contamination levels to a level that makes the effluent an attractive candidate for recycling.
Remove non-degradable materials to meet and surpass EPA standards.

Environmentally friendly and completely natural


Activated Sludge Ponds
Aquatic Life


Products including AerEpop® are scalable for Site-Specific systems. A variety of assembly configurations and sizes available.

A combination Ionizer /Aerator system is available to completely eradicate bacteria. Provides an advanced oxidation process using ionized gas for wastewater treatment. 

Unlimited Lifespan Durability

Forthcoming Case Study will explain the breakdown of cost and savings for an activated sludge plant.


Natural Solutions Mimicking Nature but Faster

Our Devices  Duplicate Natural Process with NO Chemicals Added.  ION Reactor and Aerator can be used separately or in a combined form.

Our methods are natural with no chemicals or residual contaminator from the PlasmaE process.  The PlasmaE approach and system releases water that can be discharged into the environment without causing any harm.

The combination ION Reactor and Aerator process succeeds without using bacteria as the mechanism of oxidation.

Systems for destroying effluent from industry and wastewater treatment facilities. Natural methods

chemicals or residual contaminators reduce operational costs with USA manufactured equipment.