protecting the environment

effluent streams


Effluent streams are often the result of a company trying to accomplish something good - develop a product, process food, or retain employees through a viable, sustainable business enterprise. Unfortunately, resulting polluted water (effluent) cannot be effectively re-used and ends up hurting the very community in which the facility resides by negatively impacting the quality of the water and environment locally. 

PlasmaE has solutions and products that result in cost savings and water that can be recycled - that means water can repeatedly be used by the initiating facility. Repeated use of water (recycling) lowers water accessibility costs for areas with diminishing water tables or high pollutant water content.

PlasmaE products allow a cost-effective method to provide recycled water and a cost-effective solution for low water tables and re-using gray water.

Use the PlasmaE ionizer to disinfect or to oxidize residual contaminants in effluent streams with no lasting negative environmental impact.

What society thought was impossible is now possible regarding water. Everyone can be an environmentalist because we can make it affordable.

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