8,623,253 Fluid cooled electrical capacitor and methods of making and using
8,411,406 Electrical ionizer and methods of making and using
8,385,041 Honeycomb structure and method of using the structure
5.520,810 Water filtering using zebra mussels
5.164,123 Encapsulation of toxic waste
4,943,357 Photodegradation of metal chelate complexes

4,879,489 Radiation-emitting devices

4,869,852 Diffuser apparatus

4,853,581 Radiation-emitting devices

4,835,444 Radiation-emitting devices

4,816,145 Laser disinfection of fluids

4.765, 965 Mixer charger reaction control system and mothod of affecting a chemical reaction

4,729,665 Fluid mixer/charger and method

4,721,875 Radiation-emitting devices

4,771,370 Seal member for pellet dispenser

4,688,699 Bactericidal mixture control system having flow and dispense duration controls for respective substances

4,687,031 Valve control with mechanical memory

4,684,254 Fluid mixer/charger

4,684,063 Partiulates generation and removal

4,676,403 Method and circuit for timing chemical dispenser operation

4,673,527 Tablet granulation

4,662,538 Bactericidal pellet dispenser

4,661,264 Laser disinfection of fluids enhanced by gas bubbles

4,597,530 Fluid diffuser

4,401,039 Fuel preparation and burning system

4,379,681 Fluid pump iwth dual diaphragm check valves

4,370,107 Spring biased fluid pump

4,369,835 Thermal energy transer apparatus and method

4,329,067 Fluid mixer

4,259,021 Fluid mixing apparatus and method