KATHLEEN ARAGON  -  President, Corporate Conscience, Finance

Kathleen managed over 1300 independent reps nationwide before joining Plasma Environmental, LLC. Her wealth of experience and worldview make her the perfect person to be our corporate conscience. Kathleen's connection to the natural world and energy runs deep. She recognized forms of energy and examples of balance in nature even while earning a bachelor's degree and managing a family.

PAUL GOUDY  -  Chief Research/Development Officer

Paul earned an unusual educational mix - a Physics Degree and MBA enhanced with industrial schools at Mobil, Betz Laboratories, and Dearborn Chemical. He couples his education with various employment experiences from industrial sales to R & D management. Add-in 45 years of being an inventor and Paul brings to this endeavor a unique perspective on how to solve problems inexpensively and efficiently.


David's determination to accomplish goals is evident personally and professionally. He built, managed and sustained a Fortune 150 Hispanic owned business, and led civic organizations for over 30 years while raising a family. His values-based leadership and strong community commitment are evidenced by impacting the employment of over 100,000 workers. David believes the natural world provides successful models for how to work and live.


MARK KARSTEDT -  Executive Vice President - Sales/Marketing/ Operations

Mark's role allows us to tap his ability to find solutions for operations, marketing, sales and customer service. His experience was gained at Fortune 100's, non-profits, and start-ups. His interaction with all forms of nature reminds him of the value of using all five senses. Projects and adventures in multiple countries have taught Mark that sharing and serving others brings a high degree of joy.

MARTA JANSEN  -  Communications

Marta is an award-winning graphic designer that has been playing with web-based platforms since before social media was a common term. Her experience with well-known global consumer brands, organizations, and international environmental land use associations is coupled with the insight that nature is a great educator.


RYAN CONLOGUE  -  Physics Specialist  

Ryan is moved by physics in nature. His love of water and respect for nature's power is matched by his enthusiasm for learning. Ryan excels at challenges of conventional wisdom through experimentation and testing. He has traveled the globe extensively and gained knowledge of water conditions and quality. Ryan is a graduate of Furman University in Greenville, SC.

SARAH ARAGON - Strategic Planner, PhD

Sarah’s professional experience in research and evaluation, public policy, and human resource development allows her to conduct and apply the best research practices to advance change. She has an innate ability to engage in detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses to improve effectiveness. Sarah has been an active group member on various committees and coalitions to help foster the development of strategic plans aimed to impact policy and achieve objectives and goals. She has a deep interest in understanding research strategies as a means to learn about problem solutions.

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