cost savings on

waste water treatment

We approach wastewater remediation with a unique and proprietary

oxidation system.

Reduce Operating Costs by Reducing Energy Consumption. Our device enables an activated sludge plant to reduce total aeration costs by 50%. The typical waste treatment facility has an aeration cost of approximately 60% of the total operational cost. The "realized" economic value add (EVA) - we've created is nothing short of astonishing!

Our process enables corporations and municipal facilities to affordably meet and surpass EPA standards.

The PlasmaE system is NOT capital intensive and can be sized to treat effluent discharge at an affordable cost and with minimal alterations to existing systems.

PlasmaE experience and studies with a Fortune 500 manufacturer reveal that the operational cost of our system is approximately two (2) orders of magnitude less than a conventional system.

This solution is a wastewater process that is environmentally friendly and 100% natural.  It solves any problem a company has with BOD / COD levels in its effluent and can potentially take contamination levels to zero (0) - making the effluent an attractive candidate for recycling.

No special training required for personnel to operate the system and very little maintenance is needed.

The system is flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet increasingly stringent EPA requirements/limits - And more importantly - public demand, including our own families.

Our proprietary oxidation system is currently configured to handle BOD / COD contaminants. However, its operational scope can be easily expanded to handle virtually all effluent contaminants. 

It is an ideal approach for disinfecting after treatment without use of chemicals - as a disinfection method applied to wastewater. Disinfecting wastewater using chlorine to later be discharged into a stream leads to a build-up of non-degrading chlorinated compounds. Using the PlasmaE system can economically disinfect the stream without the chlorine build-up.

The PlasmaE System can be effectively used for:

Potable Disinfection Treatment Systems
Industrial – where bacterial systems are not applicable.

The extreme nature of our combination system allows us to destroy or digest difficult effluent.